Oct 29, 2023: Tbilisi Circus Experience

Mziuri Park – Tbilisi, Georgia – 5pm 5pm: Tbilisi Circus Sunday funday. After getting some work done and talking with family in the early afternoon, I headed out to Heroes Square to watch Tbilisi Circus. There isn’t much advertised about Tbilisi Circus that I could find online, much as I tried. Apparently, it was started […]

Oct 25, 2023: Leave Me to My Sweet Slumber

Ponichala Reserve – Tbilisi, Georgia – 5pm As I dozed, I dreamt of nothingness And what a serenity to think of nothing With every waking moment consumed by a needless thought Anxiety running the show, scripting my beliefs The mind always restless, always wandering For what one might construe as boring, the mind accepted with […]

Oct 17, 2023: Driving Lessons in Tbilisi, Georgia

McDonalds, Isani – Tbilisi, Georgia – 11:45am I came out to Isani again today for a practical driving lesson again, and I really wonder why I haven’t been keeping track of my classes. I’ve probably taken way too many classes inside the closed parking lot, just practicing the same maneuvers over and over. I really […]

Oct 15, 2023: Extreme Driving Lesson 2

Tbilisi Galleria – Tbilisi, Georgia – 9:15pm Today, I went out to the Rustavi International Motorpark again for my second extreme driving lesson. The first lesson had been a slalom course, and today was about braking and swerving. 10:30am: Extreme Driving Lesson 2! And a Motorcycle Race I found out from my teacher Artem that […]

Oct 14, 2023: So-Called International Documentary ‘Festival’

Terminal – Tbilisi, Georgia – 8:55pm I started off the day with some work before heading to the drums studio. It usually fills me with joy to play music for the first few hours, but then slowly but surely I get stressed and frustrated if I play for too long and start making mistakes. You […]

Oct 12, 2023: What Musical Creativity Can Do For Writing

My Humble Abode – Tbilisi, Georgia – 11:40pm While in Tbilisi, I’ve been taking music classes at a place called New Music School. Every time I’m back in the city, I’ll head over, usually twice a week, to play the drums. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the drums, but it’s not a […]