Oct 14, 2023: So-Called International Documentary ‘Festival’

Terminal – Tbilisi, Georgia – 8:55pm

I started off the day with some work before heading to the drums studio. It usually fills me with joy to play music for the first few hours, but then slowly but surely I get stressed and frustrated if I play for too long and start making mistakes. You know how it goes: you practice until you burn out and instead of improving you feel like you’re taking several steps back.

11am – Drums Lesson! And Some Piano Fun

I had suggested learning Grenade by Bruno Mars. My teacher showed me how it went, but said it was pretty easy for me (I don’t know, I think I still need to practice a lot on it). So, halfway through the lesson, we switched over to learn Uptown Funk, which was pretty fun because there were a lot of variations that I could lay over the basic beat I already know.

I stayed at the studio practicing until 4pm. I spent maybe an hour on the piano in between drum practice to give my brain a break from working on the same instrument. Practiced Fur Elise some more, and recorded some singing over my piano covers.

5pm – Tbilisi International Documentary Festival, at Terminal

This was a disappointing experience, although funny in retrospect. It was described as a festival, so I thought it was a big event. As it turned out, I was one of five people in a tiny room watching a documentary from a tiny projector. It really didn’t have any atmosphere to it, and it was additionally disappointing to find out that only two documentaries were playing. The one I had really wanted to watch was screened on Thursday, so I’d missed it. That sucks. The upside in the end was that buying an admissions ticket entitled me to free access to the documentaries on their website, up until 11am on Sunday the 15th of October. The downside was that I still couldn’t find the documentary I wanted to watch. It’s called Foil the Strait, and it follows a kitesurfing adventure off the coast of New Zealand. I love adventure sports documentaries, so I’m bummed I didn’t get to watch this one.

At least it gave me a nice opportunity to check out Terminal, which has some motif designs of an airport and boarding lounge area. I hadn’t heard of it before but it’s a co-working space and is designed in a very modern way. I quite liked the spot, and honestly I think I can just walk in and work there without anyone questioning me lol; no one at reception stopped me.

I traveled out to Liberty Square station to buy another monthly pass for public transit (40 gel a month, so affordable). I had been thinking of checking out the Taylor Swift Eras movie at Cavea Galleria but arrived at the cinema twenty minutes late and they aren’t doing commercials for the TS movie screenings. So, I tried Yakudza for dinner – bit oily for my taste, and the wait time was way too long. Ah well. On the walk back to the bus stop, I went through a cute little arts and handicrafts street market. Perhaps that’s only set up on the weekend. It gave Tbilisi a very Christmas-y vibe. Got back to my accommodation and indulged myself in some leisure reading.

I definitely need to get back on track with writing my horror novellas. Where has the time flown? It’s already halfway through October and Halloween is creeping up quickly!



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