About Me

This sounds about as much fun as a Tinder bio.

The recipe is in the name itself: traveling authoress. I travel. And I write. Or author, if you want to be fancy schmancy.

I don’t really know where I belong because I feel like I’ve been traveling all my life. I was born in Singapore, moved to the USA when I was two (and bopped around between Illinois, New Jersey, and California for the next six years), moved back to Singapore when I was eight, then moved to Canada for the next seven years. Despite feeling like I most belong in North America, I’m a citizen of Malaysia, which is a little bit funny because I never lived there until I was 23. Even then, I only stayed on and off for about 3 years, always finding an excuse to leave (although my family and the food there always bring me back). I’ve just been bopping around ever since.

For now, my base is Georgia (the country!). It’s where I’m finally trying to get my shit together after a fairly traumatic summer last year. I’m excited to focus on getting my books out there into the world! I’m also looking forward to moving to Norway next year (hopefully!) since I have stunt school dreams.

Hope you’ll follow along on my journey! If you’d like to support me, I’ll be setting up a Patreon page in the near future.