Oct 16, 2023: Self-Care

My Humble Abode – Tbilisi, Georgia – 11:50pm

Yup, talk about the eleventh hour.

I am realizing that I’m filling my days with other things to do because I’m procrastinating and don’t want to write… I’m not prioritizing my writing. I definitely need to have more discipline.

12pm – Self-Care Time!

Today flew by because I spent it at Sole Tbilisi, getting a massage (they were doing a promotion: ten 40-minute massages for 350 lari — considering that massages regularly tend to be 90-100 lari per hour, this was honestly a good deal). They have a really nice lounge area and they offer all kinds of services, from hair, manicure/pedicure and eyebrow extensions to laser hair removal, massages, etc. On a whim, I decided to get my hair cut because they said it cost 35 lari and I haven’t cut my hair for a really long time. I like the bangs, but I do think curly/wavy hair doesn’t really suit my face. I wish it did haha. Well, I got some compliments on my hair later on, with people saying it was cute or that I was beautiful, which was kind of endearing haha.

5pm – Hula Hoop and Pole Exotic

Then I went for a series of classes again at AirHall. Hula hoop class was fun because I learned a new fun trick: spinning the hoop on my elbow! Pretty proud that I picked that up fairly quickly, although it’s not yet consistent. I also did a pole exotic class and that routine was fun. Even though it was a relatively easy routine, I still find myself spacing when I have to do the moves too quickly. Those were my last mixed dance classes at AirHall. They increased their pass prices from October 15, and I decided not to buy any new classes because I wanted to try working out at some other studios.

I hadn’t eaten all day though, and definitely felt the effects of drinking two cups of coffee on an empty stomach earlier at Sole Tbilisi during the pole exotic class (as an aside, I love that they give out free coffee or tea after the service, and mint-flavoured water). For the first time in a long time, I felt super weak and dizzy and like I actually would faint. Somehow I made it through the class and immediately went to Seoul afterwards to eat some gimbap and get something in my stomach. No way could I have made it through my pole fit class without eating something.

8pm – Pole Fit

Pole fit was cool because I tried this new trick called the pendulum which involved launching myself straight past the pole and snapping back in the opposite direction. I felt like my launch had power behind it but when I look at the videos, they don’t look as impressive haha. Maybe I need to straighten my toes. That’s always hard for me.

Throughout the Day: Tiny Book Review of Coldhearted King

The rest of the night, I was supposed to be writing, but I spent hours finishing up a romance I was reading: Coldhearted King: A Billionaire Workplace Romance written by L. M. Dalgleish. The writing style of these romance novels on Amazon all seem the same, and all quite generic and white-centric, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. It makes me wonder if it’s all the same author behind different pennames. I can’t deny that these books are just fun to read for leisure, to destress and take your mind off things in the real world.

A pretty standard novel, but there were some lines that stood out to me, particularly “I shouldn’t have to give everyone more than one chance to love me” (damn, that hit hard) and “We’re the definition of the walking dead. Strutting around with our wealth and our power, pretending to live when we have huge fucking voids in our chests where our hearts are meant to beat” (the talk about being empty actually does hurt and resonate with me). Makes me wish I had written those lines. The only thing that really pissed me off from the book was that Cole let out Delilah’s secret to her mom, and that was never really addressed. Uh, Delilah should be the one to tell her mom what she had been planning to do for her — he stole that moment from her, and that’s something she’ll never get back. It was too monumental a secret for him to steal from her. That’s my only gripe.

Even though I kind of think these novels tend to spell out every little thing for you about the characters and that the writing styles are pretty basic, the reality is that they sell and they still manage to hook readers. That’s more than I can say for my stories. It’s not easy, really, to design a world of romance when there are so many cliches out there. I personally find it a bit tough to write romance, perhaps because I’m too jaded. I’ll need to ponder this more.

Anyways, I’ll try to actually write something tomorrow. I really do need to get on it, because Halloween’s coming!

G’night world,


P. S.: I finally saw an advertisement for Tbilisi Circus while waiting at the bus stop. Awesome! It’s finally happening, and I saw that there are tickets available for the upcoming weekend starting from 15gel. Definitely gonna attend!

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