Nov 4, 2023: Nanowrimo Challenge Day 4

My Humble Abode – Tbilisi, Georgia – 11:40pm

Why, oh, why.

I think I have a hard time finishing things. I’m extremely enthusiastic about an idea at the very beginning, but start to lose focus and momentum after a few days, and then it becomes a lot harder to sustain the furious energy I had in the beginning. I think this is a pretty typical cycle though.

I had been working on my werewolf story for the last three days, and then had the inspired idea to write an enemies to lovers romance where the female protagonist was not a pushover. I’ve been reading an enemies to lovers romance story lately (one that is a bit extreme for my liking at times) and found myself getting extremely annoyed by the female protagonist’s passive responses to the male protagonist’s pushiness. I get that it’s kind of standard in these story arcs and genres, but would it kill the authors to write a female lead with more of a spine?

So, I was driven to switch gears and write my own take on this story arc, with a heroine who doesn’t take shit from the eventual romantic love interest. I worked on my new Nanowrimo project this evening at a hot dog place called Bravo in Saburtalo. I really do want to see this series of novellas through till the end because I want to finally win the Nanowrimo challenge (I’ve never won it before, despite being an avid fanfiction writer in my teenage years – I could regularly write 10, 000-word days writing HSM fanfiction, haha). Since I’m starting afresh, I need to divide the 50, 000-word goal by 27 days, which means writing a minimum of 1852 words every day. I accomplished that this evening, writing 1908 words across four separate writing blocks (two of them shorter sprints).

I’m still in the game. I’m determined to keep this streak alive.

In other news of artistic progress, I went for a violin lesson today and practiced the drums as well. My teacher Temo kindly helped me tune my new violin that I just bought two days before. It actually sounds really good, despite only costing 160 lari. I’m surprised. So, it was a productive musical afternoon, and Temo loaded me with new drills and exercises to practice on the violin. Now that I have my own instrument, I can practice a little bit every day, rather than only twice a week when I go to the studio. I can also practice it when I go up to Gudauri for a month.

Making good progress all around!

G’night world,


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