Oct 25, 2023: Leave Me to My Sweet Slumber

Ponichala Reserve – Tbilisi, Georgia – 5pm

As I dozed, I dreamt of nothingness

And what a serenity to think of nothing

With every waking moment consumed by a needless thought

Anxiety running the show, scripting my beliefs

The mind always restless, always wandering

For what one might construe as boring, the mind accepted with ease and pride

Finally, a reprieve, a moment departed from grief, however brief

And that, kind sir, is why my dreams

Are so splendid

Not because they take me to distant lands

Fantastical adventures

Tales of fierce dragons and shiny white knights

No, not that which would speed my heart off a cliff

But because in dreams my mind eschews exactly all that

There is no excitement, and that is the appeal

To find sacred quietness in the strangling because it’s strangled city

To find sweet nothing in a tamed void

To exist in the gaps between trees, in that gentle breeze

To simply float and be suspended, not gripped by gravity

So if you find me lying still on an old wooden table

Rather than check if I’m alright, walk on by and pass me by

Leave me to my sweet slumber

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