Sept 28, 2023: Tom Holland on Jay Shetty’s Podcast

Thursday was a magnificently productive writing day, for my own projects. Listening to the Tom Holland episode on Jay Shetty’s podcast On Purpose got me feeling more motivated. I listened to it on the 8:30am commute to Isani for my practical driving lesson. The streets were still pretty empty, which I really enjoy because in […]

Sept 23, 2023: Sometimes, I’d Rather Not

Sometimes I’d rather not Stay somewhere where my mind gets a little bit crazy Gets a little bit too stuffed Sometimes I’d rather not Be somewhere where the energy is a little bit negative Is verging on overbearing Sometimes I’d rather not Have to pick up the pieces and sweep them under the rug Because […]

Sept 20, 2023: Dribble, drabble

Today’s short fiction mission: “Your goal as a writer is to give your characters goals and then prevent them from reaching those goals. The goal is to be mean.” -Mary Robinette Kowal I watched a short lecture by the science fiction author (and puppeteer!) Mary Robinette Kowal. She breaks down the key difference between novels […]

You’ve Got the Wrong Woman (A Work in Progress)

“Thank you for that lovely eulogy.” Sarah’s mom wiped her eyes with her handkerchief, dabbing lightly at the corners and examining the cloth for make-up stains. She pulled my hands into hers and smiled tightly at me. “I’m so happy you and Sarah are still such good friends.” “Of course. We’re best friends,” I said […]