Sept 22, 2023: A Poem about Stress

I know they say the key to life

Is to focus, to know how to breathe, to know we’re blessed

And yet…

I feel my cheeks heat up, my blood simmering; I still get too stressed

I know they say to calm down,

think about all the time we still have on our hands

And yet…

There’s so many things to do, I pull and pull and pull my hair out by the strands

I just get frustrated when things don’t go my way

And in these moments, I know I don’t like my own attitude

But sometimes a girl just has to be stressed, to vent, to let herself be

To fill the void steadily like a hot air balloon, rising to that same order of magnitude

I never realized till now how much I have changed

When I was a kid, I was a pantser

I didn’t need to think too far ahead; my stories just wrote themselves

But now, I feel my mind staying like a horse in a barn, no longer that whimsical dancer

I don’t even try to be perfect anymore

Somehow, the perfectionist gene still remains in me, poking about, stubbing its own toes

And yet… 

I’m here, posting this ridiculous poem, adding on to my long list of woes

I spread myself too thin, and maybe I just need to relax, take a step back

Maybe then I’ll stop feeling this uncomfortable tension in my chest

I need to slow down, pace myself, not try to overwhelm myself

But it’s a fine line between that and pushing yourself to your limits, striving to do your best

Get it out, get it out of your head

From the land of thought to the land of ideas I can hold in my hand

Let it out, let it out, it wants to be heard

You’re more resilient than you think; there’s still more upon more you will withstand

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