Oct 6, 2023: Getting Accepted into Stunt School!

My Humble Abode – Tbilisi, Georgia – 11:35pm

It’s already been a few days since I first received word that I got accepted into stunt school, so I thought it was high time to write about why I want to do stunt school and how excited I am about the lifestyle it will give me.

The idea of going to stunt school first came to me maybe a year ago, since I was checking out some intensive options in the United States. There was one I liked that was up in Everett, Washington, if I remember correctly, and it cost about US$4600 for 3 weeks or 150 hours. Kind of pricey, but it would have been a crazy experience getting to try so many cool stunts like stunt driving, etc. I had been thinking about attending that program, but then I found an even better option (personally, I think the best option for me, and anyone who is really interested in fully immersing themselves in a very thorough training program).

The International Stunt Academy in Norway!

This program is located in the countryside and runs over 11 months, providing a broad curriculum with all the stunts I could ask for: wirework, high falls, fire stunts, weapons handling, precision driving, fighting/hand-to-hand combat, stunts with horses (even being dragged by a horse!), etc. It totals over 1800 hours of training, between the classes run for full days five days a week and the open gym sessions/self-training. Not only that, but it combines that stunt training with acting and filming, so I’m stoked for the learning opportunities and experiences for growth!

I’ve always wanted to live an adventurous life, and I think I’ve done pretty well in that regard. So, stunt school just seems like an extension of how I’ve already been living my life. I love that it’s a formal curriculum, so there’s a syllabus and modules for systematic progress. I love that there’s so much room for individual-directed learning too, so I can train in the specialties I want as well.

I’m also loving that they just opened up a part-time study option. That works well for me, because I want to continue writing books and working on other creative projects (maybe a podcast? Some voice acting, singing, dancing, other recording projects) while getting my diploma.

I think it would be rad to work as a stunt actor and see the behind-the-scenes of filming movies. I like living ten thousand lifetimes in one, so I feel ready and so willing to embrace a new phase in my life that will set me up for success in later phases of my life, however that organically evolves.

That said, even if I don’t work in the industry later on, I’m certain this will be an invaluable experience of overcoming my fears and pushing past personal limits and limiting beliefs. It’s also a great form of research to write strong, brave heroines in my own adventure/fantasy novels.

Can’t wait for next year! In the meantime, I’ll keep preparing for stunt school!



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