Remote Locations

I’m a sucker for remote locations.

There’s something about being somewhere very few people have ever been before. Nowadays, it feels harder to have that pioneering spirit when it seems like the world has already been ‘discovered’ and when wild expeditions require the permission of governments and a lot of money/sponsorship.

But, it’s definitely still possible to venture out into the relative unknown. Visiting remote communities is a real privilege and responsibility. As visitors, we need to be respectful and acknowledge the kind of footprint they may leave on these communities. Long after we leave, the locals will live with the impacts.

Some remote locations I am extremely excited to one day visit include:

  • The Pitcairn Islands
  • Utqiagvik, Alaska (used to be called Barrow), USA
  • Unalaska, Alaska, USA
  • Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada
  • Easter Island, Chile
  • Svalbard
  • Greenland
  • Siberia, Russia

For more information about adventures in remote locations, check out my blog posts! And, if you have any suggestions on remote locations I should cover, drop me a message!